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Our story so far


Our mission

Our mission is the force to curate wonderful products as humanly possible , to be limitless and inspirational is to set yourself free. We do this by thinking outside the box, making sustainable products and diversyfing as we learn and grow along the way. Come and join us on this journey!


Our core

At Lila and Tiny we believe in the power of learning through fun and play, we want young minds to be Imaginative, Inclusive, Impactful and quite simply go-getters.

The brand

Based on Scandinavian designs Lila and Tiny bring minimalist, contemporary decor and homeware products for you and your homes. Beginning with the tableware collection, Lila & Tiny will be introducing more unique products to explore the world.

Every product has been certified by mini testers Kalila (Lila) and Juwayriya (Tiny)!

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